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Classic Bespoke Poles
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Based near Bristol UK, Opus Studio has established an enviable reputation for innovation and quality amongst top designers, artists and sculptors.  We are renowned for our superb craftsmanship in the manufacture of high quality Interior Accessories, as well as Fine Art Sculpture. Over the last 12 years, we have honed our skills in pattern making, tooling, mould making, casting and highly specialised finishing. Along side the services we offer to Artists and Designers, we have also been very busy designing and making our own unique product ranges. Foremost in this drive, is our range of decorative curtain poles and accessories. Launched in the Autumn of 2011, we are proud to announce that this collection is proving very popular, and we are working hard to expand the range. Other areas in which our skills have been applied include stage and scenery, as well as props for major productions such as “The Lion King”, various gift awards and trophies including the “Glee” awards, Point Of Sale displays for retailers such as Pringle and River Island, specialist high-end branded PR packaging as used for Aurum Lavatum, industrial and commercial moulds and mouldings for concrete casting and buildings and art restoration. Why not take a moment to explore our menu at the left for a peek inside this fascinating world.  If you can imagine it, we can probably create it!
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Sculpture & Casting Services
Fine Art and Monumental resin casting. We offer a huge variety of bespoke mould making services.
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