Prices & Booking Process
Table shows prices in Pounds Sterling per night.  (These are for the entire property - not per person!)
Air conditioning / Heating costs are included.
1. Check the ‘Availability’ section to make sure the house is available for the period you wish to come.  Check your flight availability and pricing. Email to confirm the dates required for rental. 2. Once we advise that your dates are available, within 5 working days email, or contact us by phone, to confirm your flight and passenger details:  Only then will we confirm your reservation and mark the booking on the web site. 3. We will email or write to you confirming your booking and advise you of the date by which the total holiday price is payable and if any deposits are due.
How to Book
For cancellation policy see our frequently asked questions.
In January 2008 Cyprus joined the Euro zone.  To check the current exchange rates you can use this handy currency converter.
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