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GBOB Gold Award - The Global Battle of the Bands
Versatile, Stable, Decorative and Light Weight The unique properties of resins and composites are remarkably suited to a huge range of commercial applications.  We can engineer their properties for strength, weight and resistance to exterior weathering and our staff are proud to have been associated with some of the most iconic projects of our time. We can help you design and produce prototypes, components or finished pieces for anything from architectural moudlings for landscaping projects, to theatrical costumes and props.  We have clients commissioning large window display pieces for high street retailers and exclusive top-end packaging for cosmetics and jewellery. Whatever you’ve got in mind why not contact us for advice and ideas.
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Our Casting Techniques
GBOB Worldwide Ltd is a major online music community, running national and international competitions to expose new talent across over 30 countries. Each year regional talent contests are held around the world with the winners going forward to the World Final, competing for the gold ‘Best New Band in the World’ statuette.
Sculpture Gallery Mould Making Step by Step Gothic Temple - The dome is patinated to resemble verdigris copper
Opus Studio can work with landscapers in a variety of ways.  We can produce large scale glass fibre reinforced fabrications, such as the roof panels shown in this ornamental temple, and we can also produce moulds for concrete and stone casting purposes. These moulds are used to manufacture an enormous range of architectural pieces covering tiles, centre pieces, fountains and plinths etc.
Theatrical props and stage sets
These dramatic masks from the stage show ‘The Lion King’ were created in an ultra light carbon fibre composite.
Commercial packaging for Cosmetics and Fragrances
We are often asked to help create limited edition trophies for a variety of charitable and commercial events.  The flexibility of resins makes the material extremely well-suited to the creation of memorable awards which are frequently themed to reflect the unique nature of the organisation or event.  The wide range of finishes available can be used to produce pieces of exceptional perceived value and can greatly add to the message of the award.
Worn for several hours in a fast moving and demanding situation they had to be both strong and light to enable to the actors to move fluidly and convincingly.
Light weight composite resin masks Light weight composite resin masks Light weight composite resin masks
Aurum Lavatum is an extremely exclusive bathing elixir and is limited to just a very small production each year. We were asked to help produce the hand made boxes which contained precious vials of essential oils and elixirs. Opus Studio can produce very high value bespoke containers of all shapes and sizes.  These can be finished with surfaces resembling marble, slate, woodstains or a wealth of luxurious metallic effects.
Landscape and garden features
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