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Vibrant modern lighting and furniture.  At Opus Studio we work with designers to help turn your design ideas into saleable products.  In addition to prototyping and developing new designs, we also mould existing works and can reproduce them as one-off pieces or in unlimited editions, to suit individual requirements. The pieces we produce can be finished to resemble a wide range of materials, from different types of stone and metal, to exotic glass-like effects. 
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Clear and tinted resins are especially striking when cast into exotic lighting designs.  The highly transmissive and reflective nature of the material lends itself to a huge variety of stunning effects. (See also our own range of contemporary glass effect tiles)
This bespoke table was created using polished bronze resin to form an organic matrix of interwoven twig shapes, juxtaposing the hard mineral feel of the flooring.
This elegant table uses resin cast 'branches' to add a striking individuality to the design.
We can also use traditional gilding techniques in gold or silver metal leaf or apply a range of painted and patinated effects to your pieces. 
Cast in clear resin and multicoloured lacquers, this sculpture reflects and transforms the ambient lighting.
Vibrant clear resin sculpture - brought to life by light.
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