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High quality bespoke inset tracking systems. Our custom-made inset tracking systems offer a versatile and extremely elegant alternative to rings in a wide variety of different design situations. Tracking is supplied fully corded with pulleys and weights, and is available in either gold or silver effect.
We recommend that customers use metal architrave brackets with tracked poles rather than wooden ones.  They are available in various styles and can be supplied in polished brass, chrome, or painted to match your pole.
Standard end bracket Overclip end bracket
Alternatives and accessories. We can supply a variety of accessories and alternatives to customise the look of your scheme.  For illustration purposes the options below are shown in Natural Oak, but are of course available in all finishes.
Flat wooden Bracket
Round Tieback
Recess Socket (shown in Natural Oak finish) Pole End Stop (shown in Natural Oak finish)
Recess Socket
End Stop
Draw Rod (shown in Natural Oak finish)
Draw Rod (1 metre)
Metal bracket in polished brass Metal bracket in painted Old Cream Metal bracket in painted Sage Grey Metal bracket in painted Chalk White Metal bracket in Ebony finish Metal bracket in polished chrome
Metal Architrave Brackets
Our metal brackets can be painted in any colour to match your pole.
Custom paint colours from any of the major palettes allow complete customisation. Overclip centre bracket - allows the gliders to pass the bracket
Full range of diameters
All of our designs can be supplied to suit poles in three popular sizes. Point of Sale display blocks available in a range of alternative styles. Download our complete catalogue of bespoke poles and finials.
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Wooden Cup Bracket
Standard Wooden Cup Bracket (shown in Natural Oak finish) Flat Style Wooden Bracket (shown in Natural Oak finish) Round Tieback (shown in Natural Oak finish)
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