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A golden softness with light honey tones, giving a strong architectural feel.  Equally suited to the traditional country home or the modern barn conversion. Complement any room space with this beautifully rich and warm finish, waxed and polished by hand to a soft lustre. Elegant and timeless, walnut has for centuries imparted an air of effortless luxury to every type of furniture, especially in schemes evoking traditional Victoriana. A rich, warm treatment, with a distinctive air of rural permanence and comfortable ease.  Our vintage wood effects will bring an atmosphere of unhurried sophistication to all your projects. With its deep multi-tonal shades, this most solid-feeling of all woods reflects ancient methods, and carries the inescapable quality of hand finished craftsmanship. An immensely popular finish,  our Vintage Oak evokes a wonderfully warm, timeless feeling.
Craftsman-finished bespoke effects.
A neutral, near pure white which perfectly captures a sense of space and airiness and brings a feeling of freshness into any contemporary scheme. Our softly distressed painted effects impart an air of timeless solidity and long-aged care.  This mellow grey will tone with any classical country scheme. A warm, rich, cream  carefully distressed over a dark, contrasting undercoat.  This gives a look of unruffled, worn antiquity. A smooth rich cream, tending towards the warm end the spectrum.  Fabulous in traditional settings, or match with contrasting accessories in gold or silver for a striking effect. An organic neutral grey, with an understated hint of green.  Frequently found in the designs of 19th century wallpapers and equally at home in both period and contemporary themes. Reminiscent of the traditional gallic farmhouses of rural France, distressed paint effects speak of age and well-loved wear.  A fashionable finish ideally suited to country styles. Another classic metallic finish, Antique Silver offers a cooler and more masculine alternative to the gold effects, suggesting an air of heraldic pageantry. A contemporary gold effect, with a little less richness, which tends more towards the silver end of the metallic spectrum.  Use in more modern schemes, especially combined with your own choice of stronger colours. The multi-layered and gilded tone of this richly antiqued gold lends itself superbly to any classically inspired design. With its irresistible allure, gold has been used to adorn, embellish and decorate art for centuries.  These gilded pieces possess a unique and timeless beauty, along with a colour and lustre that are preserved over the ages. A pale, neutral finish, the detail of which has been subtly enhanced by the application of rich antiquing waxes, to suit almost any fabric treatment. Hand waxed to a satin sheen, our Ebony finish is both luxurious and bold in any room design.  It is especially striking when combined with lustrous gilt or silver accessories or highlights.
Natural & Vintage Woodstains
Smooth and Distressed Paints
Antique Metallics & Metal Leaf
Antique Ivory & Ebony
19 Standard Finishes
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Another luxurious finish, suitable where a more reflective surface is required and creating a bright but warm tone, like the soft glow of slightly tarnished silver.
With a consuming passion for traditional methods and attention to detail, Opus offers a wide range of elegant wood stain, metallic, and painted finishes and effects.
Although we pride ourselves on our prompt delivery times, every pole is created as a bespoke job which allows us to work with the customer to offer an unlimited variety of interpretations.
Fully customisable combinations of effect allow the client complete freedom of expression and enable the designer to create stunning schemes which perfectly reflect any interior statement.
Match your room scheme with poles in any colour you require. Individualise your scheme perfectly.
Custom colours available from all major ranges.
Combine our standard finishes for a stunning designer effect.
With a choice of literally thousands of colours available from all the major designer paint ranges the only limit is your imagination.
Why not mix it up a little!
Full range of diameters
All of our designs can be supplied to suit poles in three popular sizes. Point of Sale display blocks available in a range of alternative styles. Download our complete catalogue of bespoke poles and finials.
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Individualise your scheme perfectly. Match your room scheme with poles in any colour you require.